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Laboratory accreditation certificate
Laboratory accreditation certificate
Qualification certificate
Qualification certificate

Our Service

Zhongrui Quality Inspection (Anrui Testing) relies on perfect qualifications and capabilities

Inspection Service

The core testing areas that Sino-Swiss Quality Inspection (Anrui Testing) continues to pay attention to

Strength advantage

The core testing areas that Sino-Swiss Quality Inspection (Anrui Testing) continues to focus

Analysis Standard
More than 10 years of team technical experience;
More than 600 sets of large precision instruments;
More than 2,000 technical talents;
Accumulated more than 1 million spectrogram databases;
Ensure the accuracy of data.
Fast report
Complete equipment;
High analysis rate;
Dedicated person to track orders;
Guarantee the reporting time.
Professional service
Provide free pre-sale project evaluation;
According to customer needs, recommend suitable solutions one-to-one;
Help customers save R&D costs;
Set up a 24-hour service hotline.

An Rui who forge ahead

Provide global quality solutions and become the most trusted partner of customers


Sino-Swiss Quality Inspection (Anrui Testing)

Anrui Testing and Certification (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Zhongrui Quality Inspection Group. It currently has a 1,500 square meter biodegradation laboratory and about 2,000 testing pits. As the company's long-term technical consultants, we unite industry authoritative experts to conduct online and offline technical consultations, professional training, host industry summits, gather industry resources, and provide the most authoritative and comprehensive one-stop testing, training and technical services for the testing industry. Anrui Testing and Certification is committed to transmitting trust between the government, enterprises and consumers to achieve healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly high-quality development.


Steady development


Branches and offices


Fortune 500 customers


High-quality talent

Anrui Information

Objective notarization, professional rigor, sincere service, and create a win-win situation

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